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    Address:No. 8 Chuangye Road, The First Indutrial Zone, Shangsha Street, Changan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China.
    Tel:0086 15017101717
  We are one of the most professional manufacturers specialized in processing highly precise mould fittings. With strong and comprehensive capacity, advanced technology and scientific production management and techniques, we can provide all customers with good quality products and refined service to meet customers' demands.
  Our main products include plastic molds, hardware mold guide pillars, guide sleeves, coldly punched die, SRP/SGP/TGP outer guiding post components, graphite guide sleeves, copper guide pillars and cooper guide sleeves. We also provide services of high precision internal and external circular grinding, centerless grinding and leather processing and others...
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Address:Guangdong Province Dongguan Changan Shangsha entrepreneurship first industrial zone, Road No. 8 (sand diagonally opposite the arch) Support:Yucheng
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